FACES 2018 Film Premiere! "A Day With Martha"

FACES is very proud to premiere "A Day With Martha" on August 22nd 2018 at Anthology Film Archives in NYC! As a bonus, a new FACES short will also be screened before hand called “Barry Used To Make Porn”.

Tickets are FREE with RSVP (below). Reception with complementary wine/beer is at 6:30pm. Show time is from 7pm with Q&A following films. 

Premiere Event Trailer:

"A Day With Martha" (Trailer)

"A Day With Martha" is a 37 minute documentary filmed in a single eventful day. She's a mother of twelve and makes her living driving for Uber and Lyft. A resident of Harlem, she had a difficult past which has left her relationships with her children strained and complicated. In this 40 minute documentary, we get a front row seat perspective into a day in the life of Martha. She gives us unprecedented access to some of the most intimate and troubling aspects of her past and present life. 

We spend time with Martha in her apartment, with her young children, as she prepares for her work day and muses on the sometimes painful intricacies of life. We ride along as she picks up passengers and get to observe her engaging approach with the unique characters that encompass New York City, who themselves are on journeys of self-discovery. Martha is still flushing out the problems in her own life, and we as observers are given the opportunity to create our own opinion of how she's doing. 

Josh Ethan Johnson worked with editor Gabriel Garton to tell this story as part of the FACES documentary series. 


"Barry David Used To Make Porn" (Trailer)

Barry lives in Flushing, Queens. He works a desk job making calls for a t-shirt company. Barry used to make gay and strait porn and shares with us in this 7 minute doc how good life was during that time. Josh Ethan Johnson teamed up with director Adam Ridley to make "Barry David Used To Make Porn". Part of the FACES documentary series. 



The FACES Series:

FACES is an ongoing project created by Josh Ethan Johnson in 2016. Born from his street photography approach, these are spontaneously shot, often with out knowing the subjects prior to filming. These two new films are the 22nd and 23rd episodes in the FACES series. Some of his films have premiered at various film festivals like Kansas City Film Fest and Lyft Off NYC Online. Josh works with various filmmakers, composers and production talent to create this content. This is an ongoing project with plans of turning these into a feature film within the next year.